10 essential keyboard shortcuts to speed up your work

10 essential keyboard shortcuts to speed up your work

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I’ve been aware of keyboard shortcuts  for quite a long time, but I never really used them, I really didn’t see how much time they could save you compared to using right click on your mouse… but since I started designing websites I’ve started using them more and more. They really do make things easier and quicker.

For me, this is especially true when I’m working on web copy that has been submitted by clients on Word or Google documents and transferring it into the website itself. ‘Ctrl + C’ and ‘Ctrl + V’ are a lifesaver!

My 10 Favourite Keyboard Shortcuts

So, here are the 10 shortcuts that I find really useful. I’m sure some of you will already use these, but it may just help some of you to speed up your work a little.

Ctrl+C = copy

Highlight the words or image that you want and hit ctrl+C to copy them/it to your clipboard ready to use elsewhere.

Ctrl+X = cut

Same as above, but this time you’ll cut the highlighted words or image from their original location by using ctrl+X. They’ll then be ready on your clipboard ready to paste into their new home.

Ctrl+P = paste

You’ve cut or copied your section of text or image? Hit ctrl+P to paste them into place.

Ctrl+S = save

You’re working on a file and can hear the kettle and biscuit tin calling your name? Quick, hit ctrl+S to save your work in case the cat decides to run across your keyboard and delete your work!

Ctrl+Z = undo

Didn’t mean to paste that image there? It’s ok, don’t worry – just hit ctrl+Z to reverse your last action.

Ctrl+Y = redo

Actually, did that image looked better there? Hit ctrl+Y to redo the last action.

Ctrl+A = select all

You’ve got several pages of text you want to copy to your clipboard? Leave the mouse alone and hit ctrl+A to select all.

Ctrl+W = close

Finished with your spreadsheet, Word doc or browser? Ctrl+W will close down your active application.

Alt+Tab = switch apps

You’re wanting to change your Spotify playlist, but you’ve got loads of other windows open? Hit alt+tab and you can cycle through your active apps to find what you’re looking for.

F5 = refresh

You’ve been updating a blog on keyboard shortcuts and have a preview open in another window? Hit F5 to refresh that window and view the latest version.

What if you use a Mac?

As I use a Windows operated laptop I’ve only included keyboard shortcuts relevant to Windows. If you use a Mac, then you can find a list of shortcuts to use on the Apple website.



If you’re looking to start a website then my Website Essentials blog post should be of interest to you.

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