Why do I work with independents?

Why do I work with independents?

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Ok, here goes… the ‘why’ to my ‘who’. I aim to use this blog post, to introduce myself and give some background to the reasons I work with independents. 

I arrived in Chester in 1998 for Uni. and I’ve lived in the area for pretty much the entire time since. One of my favourite places in Chester is Hoole, me and my wife lived there for about 5 years before moving out to Great Sutton in Costa El Porto for more space when our second child arrived.

It was these years in Hoole that cemented my fondness for the brilliant independent companies in and around Faulkner Street. 

Over the last few years the independent business scene in Chester has boomed and to date I have exclusively worked with independent companies based in the Chester area.

Back to the beginning…

You may think this was a specific and deliberate tactic. Part of a business plan that I’d honed over numerous mugs of tea working late into the night… well, you’d be wrong. Let me skip back 14 months or so to the early days of Steve Marrs Web Design (SMWD). 

My first client, Laura from Meltdown, is where this all started and where the ‘cart’ of making websites was put before the ‘horse’ of business planning.

Laura was looking for a simple website for Meltdown, her coffee and cheese toastie shop in Handbridge, Chester. It was working with Laura that created the seed of an idea that this could be something I would be able to do as more than a one off. 

If you don’t know it, Meltdown is one of Chester’s various cool, vibrant independent companies with a big personality, the venue, not just Laura’s Instagram rants!! In her own words, Laura didn’t know anything about web design, but she knew what she wanted and was able to communicate that to me and the first SMWD website was created.

An epiphany for independents

It was during the process of creating this first site when I realised that independent businesses were who I wanted to work with. If you’re an owner of an independent business you know your shit. Whether you run a cheese toastie eaterie, a pizzeria, a taco emporium, a cake shop or something completely different… you’ve probably forgotten more about their specific type of business than I’ll ever know. 

That being said you most likely don’t know enough about web design to feel confident about creating your own website. As a hardworking business owner you either won’t have the time to learn about web design, or if you do know some web design you’ll most likely have a lot more important jobs to do just running your business.

Which is where I step in to help you local independents put your business and personality into a professional website. Take a look at Project: Death by Tacos for a little insight into how this works in practice.

Working with you

I love creating websites as much as I love supporting small independent businesses, especially ones that are a bit out of the ordinary. So it stands to reason that I would want to build websites that help independents grow.

What’s that you say? You’ve already got a website? Great. You’re ahead of some of your competition… but, is it as good as it could be? Let me take a look at it for you. I’ll go over it with a fine-toothed comb and provide you with a written assessment of your website and offer areas of weakness and opportunities to improve it.

If you’re an independent company in need of website help I’d love to hear from you. Hit the button below, leave me a message and we can have a chat to see how I can help you.

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