Coaching in the Climate Crisis

The world is burning. Everything you and I hold dear is at risk. The climate crisis we face isn’t only a scientific issue; it’s a human issue, an emotional issue, and a systemic issue, intertwined with conversations around economic systems, social inequality, race, consumerism and much, much more.


To help you find greater clarity, meaning, and happiness in the work that you do.

My Approach

My role is to help you explore a path in this climate crisis that you can proudly walk. A path your descendants will be proud of.

I provide a supportive and positively challenging space, where you can explore and work through your feelings around climate change – whatever they are. The end result is often that you feel active, energised and hopeful about what you can achieve, and what can be collectively accomplished.

Typical Client Issues

As such I coach a broad spectrum of clients, whether you’re an activist or an accountant.

  • From guilt, eco-anxiety, anger, apathy to resilience, hope and action
  • Pivoting your career towards one with greater meaning and purpose 
  • Having braver, deeper conversations about the climate crisis
  • Discovering how you can draw on your skills to help

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