The Faulkner

Owned by husband and wife Darren and Kelly Lea, The Faulkner sits proudly alongside Hoole’s wide range of independent retailers on Faulkner Street and Charles Street. Offering fresh restaurant standard food from locally sourced ingredients and an excellent range of drinks it offers everything you could wish for from a local.

Project Brief

Darren and Kelly already had a website for their business, but were looking to have it redesigned, with emphasis on a simpler design and better mobile functionality. 

Having worked for Darren and Kelly in The Faulkner previously, I was keen to work with them on this side of the business.


Soon after I launched my first website I started to compile a list of target companies, local independent business with a unique feel to them… Death by Tacos was one of the first to jump to mind. 

I approached James with a (very) rough single page website prepared over a couple of evenings to show him, he liked it, but potentially already had something lined up. I said I’d keep in touch… and I did, every few weeks popping into say hello and to see whether anything had progressed. 

Eventually, James must’ve got sick of me coming in to check on progress and said he’d work with me. 

Having spoken that often I already had an idea about what he wanted, but we ironed out the creases over a few emails and DMs and I set off to work.


I created on WordPress using the web builder Elementor Pro, and the WooCommerce plugin for the online shop.

James had already established a cool brand for Death by Tacos, so I knew I could just harness this to create a look and feel to the site that would fit right in.

The website consists of five static pages (a homepage, food and drinks menu pages, an offers page and a how to find us page) and an online shop with a few bits of Death by Tacos merch’.

As much as I liked that rough single page site I showed James over a year ago, the end result is leagues above it.


Insert quote from Darren or Kelly.

Darren, The Faulkner

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